February 4, 2012

Hello, My Name is Gerald White. I’d like to welcome you to my blog, where I hope I can share with you stories giving strength to you (or someone you may know who has cancer), as well as other patients fight their battle against cancer. The stories and resources that you will find here are here for your benefit, and hopefully you can get something from them. I am a cancer survivor who was initially diagnosed with a 20 pound tumor on my left kidney which subsequently went metastatic to my lungs. I was left with an ultimatum by doctors across the country of three months to live, that was back in 1993.


4 Responses to “Welcome,”

  1. Pancreatic most cancers is probably the roughest cancers to take care of using regular western medicine. That is exactly where an alternative solution remedy regarding pancreatic melanoma …cancer

    • You are right about pancreatic cancer being tough, there have however, been cases where it has been beaten by Guided Imagery. I think you would find it very interesting to go to my webpage and click on the “Guided Imagery” section. Once that comes up, click on the small scanning electron microscope picture of an actual macrophage and you will bring up a one minute video of an actual case of a macrophage recognizing and eating up cancer cells. This picture is better than a thousand words to explain the actions that guided imagery can induce. This is hard science at its best and fully as good as that of big PHARMA.

  2. All of us have heard of lung cancer but exactly how many people are very well conscious of their signs the actual cancer of the lung is probably the nearly all risky diseases in which wipe out …lung cancer

    • Although the cancer that started me on this healing journey back in 1993 was kidney cancer, the most acute problem was when metastatic sites appeared in both lungs. After 8 solid months of treatment had failed completely I went strictly on the program of Guided Imagery that I had managed to derive from the literature of the day. I was able to eradicate them all in about 3 months. To this day, I still have a couple of necrotic sites that will show up on CT but not on PET. Over the years I have helped many patients defeat primary lung cancer some of these stories are told on my website.

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