We are pleased to announce the completion of a brand new alpha wave modulated CD of guided imagery entitled “BUILDING BRIDGES OVER TRAUMA”. This CD is designed to help people overcome disabilities that stem from various types of blocking that occur in the autonomic nervous system and prevent the transfer of signals from the brain to perform basic functions. This started out in response to a request for help with Cerebral Palsy but it appears to be applicable to other problems wherein trauma has resulted in debilitation or loss of function.

The production of this CD as well as two previous ones dealing with Multiple Sclerosis and Drug & Alcohol Addiction was brought about by requests from persons who had used my original CD for cancer patients to achieve remissions and wanted to see this technique tried for the benefit of loved ones afflicted with these other diseases. This is the stuff of true pioneering and creativity in action. An extensive study showed that the principle argument against this effort was the classic “it’s never been done before.” This of course has been true of every original idea since the dawn of time. If early results are any indication this could well be the beginning of a wonderful new treatment modality that is patient friendly, non-invasive, self-scheduled, free of side effects, and cost free. Users of this technique benefit from unlimited opportunity to use it, in the privacy of their home and, perhaps best of all can do it at night while sleeping. This is possible since the message of the imagery is directed at the subconscious mind and that never sleeps. The soothing background music of violin and flute playing Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” set’s the stage for a good night’s sleep.


Several of you have expressed interest in the new Alpha Wave Modulated CD of Guided Imagery for Alcohol & Drug addiction.  This is a rather exciting new venture into uncharted waters for me but the early results are rather intriguing.   The first to report was a group of 10 alcoholics in California who were also suffering from acute ADHD. The first experimental use of the CD, reports the moderator, was that the group went into a relaxed state from the very beginning and had a very attentive, enjoyable experience.  The more recent is the case of a man in Houston whose alcoholism initiated as a bad response to a very abusive childhood that left him with recurring, terrible nightmares that regularly prevent a good nights sleep.   He reports that for the first time in years, he is getting a good night’s sleep.  I think there is a persuasive logic to the notion that in both cases, the resonant tuning of the message to the subconscious has enabled it to drill right through the dissonance occurring in the left brain to communicate directly in tune with the right brain to deliver a message of hope.  This is a far from discouraging initial result and would appear to open the door for further successes. 

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